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myfood24 is a quick and easy to use nutritional analysis software for use in research, teaching and healthcare settings. 

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Fast and simple to use

Analyse nutritional intake efficiently with myfood24®

The ability to accurately estimate dietary intake is fundamental to nutritional epidemiology, yet traditional methods are cumbersome and subject to inherent errors that could lead to inaccurate assessments which could negatively impact research outcomes and patients.

myfood24® is a fast and easy-to-use solution that accurately analyses nutritional intake to provide more efficient dietary assessments.


Food and drink search

1. Search

Search for the food and drink items using our extensive branded database

24 hour food diary

2. Log

Define the quantity consumed - aided by our handy portion images

Nutritional analysis in graphical format

3. Analyse

Download comprehensive nutritional intake information as graphs or spreadsheets

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Researcher holding test tube for biomarker study

Biomarker validation

More efficient nutritional assessments

myfood24 has been validated against a suite of independent nutrient reference measures, including urinary and plasma biomarkers as well as interview-led dietary recalls.

Biomarkers are the ‘gold standard’ reference measure and are more accurate than interview-led recalls, which are used for relative validity by other dietary assessment tools.

Our biomarker validation study found that myfood24 provides more efficient dietary assessments in comparison to interview-led recalls.

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Extensive database

myfood24 holds a comprehensive database of branded food items

Developed to reflect the wide range of food products available in UK supermarkets, the myfood24 dataset contains a wide range of branded and generic items, none of which have been crowd-sourced - this makes sure the data is reliable.

myfood24 holds extensive macro- and micro-nutrient information on both branded and generic items due to the comprehensive and novel mapping process. No other tool has a database like this! 

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Laptop displaying a food and drink nutritional information

Usability tested

Simple and easy to use

myfood24 has been developed by researchers and tested with different age groups including: adolescents, adults and older adults to ensure its simplicity. Other solutions often have only been designed for use in small subsets of the population for limited age ranges.

Usability of myfood24 has been tested using a reliable and validated System Usability Scale (SUS) and received a score deemed to be 'good'. 

myfood24 can also be used on behalf of another person, for example, a parent on behalf of a younger child, making it a flexible tool for all. 

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Great features

Simple to use food diary system

Initially created and validated with ~£1m grant funding from the UK Medical Research Council, myfood24 has been adapted to create an easy to use solution that's flexible to support a range of needs. Here's just some of the great features that make myfood24 so user-friendly. 


Portion images

Portion images

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myfood24 has a variety of portion images for thousands of food items to help participants complete their diary as accurately and quickly as possible.
Branded items

Branded foods

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The unique and expertly created database contains thousands of branded food items typically found in supermarkets as well as generic items from food tables.


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myfood24 has a variety of prompts built into the food diary to help improve accuracy of recall. Prompts include accompaniments and commonly forgotten items.
Nutrition feedback

Extensive feedback

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Extensive feedback is provided to the researcher including spreadsheets that provide a summary of participant intake, as well as a detailed breakdown, item by item.
Recipe builder

Recipe builder

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Participants can enter home cooked meals as recipes. When calculating the nutritional information, myfood24 takes into account weight and nutrient changes on cooking.
Make a list

Make a list

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To help speed up diary completion, myfood24 allows participants to quickly list all the items they've consumed before searching for them. Similar to the multiple pass method.

What our customers think

Here's what some of our customers think about using myfood24

myfood24 has made it possible for us to collect 24 h recalls on our participants in a user-friendly way and at the same time the program has provided us with the quality dietary data we need for our research.

Professor Anne Tjønneland Danish Cancer Society

female avatar cream

Nutrition assessment is now practical and feasible with a tool such as myfood24.

Dr Zeinab Mulla Imperial College London

Quote from Dr Zeinab Mulla, Imperial
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