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Originally conceived by the Nutritional Epidemiology Group in the School of Food Science & Nutrition at the University of Leeds, by Professor Janet Cade and her research group, myfood24 was developed to support academic research into dietary intake.

The ability to accurately estimate dietary intake is fundamental to nutritional epidemiology. myfood24 was created to provide an easy to use, online solution that would stand up to the academic rigour demanded by world-class research projects.

Developed and tested for a wide range of age groups including adolescents, adults and older adults, the myfood24 solution has been validated against a suite of ‘gold standard’ reference measures of diet - biomarkers. These are more accurate reference measures than interviewer led recalls, which are used for relative validity by other dietary assessment tools.

myfood24’s vision is to help individuals, researchers, teachers and health practitioners to better track, monitor and improve diets and, ultimately, to reduce the incidence of diet related disease across the globe.

The development and validation of myfood24 was funded by a grant from the Medical Research Council (MRC-G1100235). In early 2017, a spinout company called Dietary Assessment Ltd was created in order to continue the development of myfood24 and respond to a growing range of customer requirements.

Meet the team

Professor Janet Cade – Founder

Janet is Professor of Nutritional Epidemiology and Public Health at the University of Leeds and founder of Dietary Assessment Ltd. Janet is also a founder member of the Association for Nutrition which has responsibility for registration of nutritionists in the UK. Janet’s main areas of research include nutritional epidemiology, the role of diet in chronic disease aetiology, diet-gene interactions, assessment of nutrition interventions and the development of dietary assessment methods.

Janet’s major research project over the last few years has been the UK Women's Cohort Study which has detailed information on diet and cancer incidence in 35,000 British women. Other major research activities include developing myfood24; developing - an expert-led website which hosts dietary assessment tools; creating and piloting 'My Meal Mate' - a smart phone app for weight loss; evaluating the school fruit and vegetable scheme; conducting an intervention to improve school lunchboxes; and studying the effect of caffeine consumption in pregnancy on birthweight.

In recognition of her work in public health nutrition and epidemiology, Janet held one of the first DoH/NHS Career Scientist Awards for Public Health (2001-2006).

Steve Kerridge – Managing Director

Steve has 24 years’ commercial management experience across the UK, Europe and Australasia, including 13 years in CEO/Managing Director roles. He has hands-on experience of managing high growth, early stage technology businesses having run 2 university spinouts. He has also worked in venture capital, with a particular focus on technology transfer and the commercialisation of university IP, and so has an appreciation of the growth dynamic from both management and investor perspectives.

With a strong financial background and an MBA from one of the top global business schools, Steve’s expertise covers many of the areas important to SME’s seeking to grow their businesses. This includes strategy planning and execution, new market expansion and channel development, IT deployment, procurement, and fundraising.

Neil Hancock – Technical Consultant

Neil is the Data Manager for the School of Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Leeds. He has been responsible for constructing a range of databases used in the analysis of food frequency questionnaires through to mobile phone apps. He is currently involved in the development of a dietary tool reference website, Nutritools.

Neil is responsible for the development the myfood24 food database and has been involved in the myfood24 project since inception. Neil has almost 30 years’ experience in the field of Information Technology working for several large organisations, primarily in software and database design and development.

Sarah Beer – Nutritionist & Customer Support

Sarah graduated with an MSc in Nutrition from the University of Leeds in 2014 and spent almost two years working as nutritionist before joining the Nutritional Epidemiology Group to work on myfood24.

Sarah is responsible for processing requests from current customers and responding to enquiries from potential users. She is also involved in the maintenance of the myfood24 database.

Lauren Gibson – Nutritionist & Marketing Support

Lauren has a BSc in Biochemistry and an MSc in Nutrition both from the University of Leeds. She began working for the Nutritional Epidemiology Group before joining Dietary Assessment in 2017.

Lauren is involved in a number of myfood24 development areas and, building on her customer experience role at, is responsible for delivering the company's marketing plan.

Dr Michelle Morris – University Academic Fellow

After graduating with a Neuroscience degree in 2002 Michelle began a career in Health Informatics, working in a graduate position at EMIS, one of the UK’s leading healthcare clinical system providers, at first focussing on Clinical terminologies and later in a project management position within the department of Coding and Drug Information.

In 2009 Michelle returned to study for a MSc, equipping her in statistics and epidemiology training and research methods in Nutritional epidemiology. An interdisciplinary PhD followed investigating ‘Spatial analysis of dietary cost patterns and implications for health’. During this time Michelle completed research visits to the University of Washington, Seattle, US and University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

Following her PhD Michelle worked as a postdoctoral research fellow in the Nutritional Epidemiology Group in the School of Food Science and Nutrition and then as a postdoctoral research fellow in the Consumer Data Research Centre, School of Geography both at the University of Leeds. Michelle has also developed a diverse teaching portfolio and gained affiliation as Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Andy Duley – Director

Andy is responsible for ensuring that commercialisation of the University’s intellectual property is managed and delivered effectively in line with the University’s strategies and in the best interests of its academics and faculties. He has a background in marketing and has worked in both commercial and academic organisations. Andy has almost 20 years experience of developing university/industry knowledge transfer pathways.

Prior to joining Leeds he was Head of Enterprise and Commercialisation at the University of Bradford. He has assisted in establishing and managing spin-out companies and negotiating licenses across a broad range of technology areas, including therapeutics, drug delivery systems, automotive components, telecommunications, computer gaming and healthcare.