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Got some questions about myfood24? Our FAQs can help!


What is myfood24?

myfood24 is a validated online food diary system created to analyse nutritional intake. It was initially created for use in large epidemiological studies, we now also have a teaching version available. 

Who can use myfood24?

myfood24 is intended for use by: researchers and their study participants; teaching professionals such as lecturers and their students; healthcare professionals and their patients.

If you are a researcher, teaching or healthcare professional wishing to use myfood24 with your participants, students or patients you must have a licence to use myfood24.

What is the difference between myfood24 research, education and healthcare?

myfood24 research is a useful tool for academics and postgraduate researchers undertaking research in nutrition. Full nutritional intake from all participants of a project are available to download into excel upon project completion. Project settings can be configured by the administrator (researcher) to allow participants to log the time foods have been consumed, record whether nutritional supplements are being consumed and see a calorie summary upon diary submission.

myfood24 education is a learning tool for lecturers and teaching professionals. Teachers are able to monitor the diary entries of their students and have access to the data of the whole class presented in graphs. Students can complete multiple diaries for different days within the same teaching project. myfood24 education also allows the students to access graphs summarising their own nutritional content. 

myfood24 healthcare will support patient and healthcare professionals to monitor nutritional intake. Healthcare professionals will be able to set goals for the patient and will be given the patient's data in graphs for visual feedback. myfood24 healthcare also allows for the diary to be completed by another person, for example a patient's carer of family member. 

Can I add a recipe to myfood24?

Yes, myfood24 has a recipe builder which allows you to enter the raw ingredients as stated in the recipe. myfood24 will calculate the size of an individual portion based on the number of servings you enter. The nutritional information provided will take into consideration weight and nutrient changes due to cooking. Recipes can be saved to your myfood24 account so you can access them quickly in the future.

What languages is myfood24 available in?

myfood24 is available in: English, German and Danish. We have plans to expand the number of languages available and are currently working on an Arabic version.

Can I try a free demo of myfood24?
Yes! To try a free demo please use the free demo link. Please note this is not the full solution and only provides feedback on the 8 ‘back of pack’ nutrients. The full solution provides feedback on 100+ nutrient attributes.
What format with the nutritional data be in?

myfood24 automatically analyses the nutritional information for each food diary submitted. This information can be exported as two CSV files, one is a summary of each diary with back of pack nutrients and the second is a breakdown of each food item with over 100 nutrients. If you would like to see an example of the CSV nutrient outputs, please get in touch to request this. 

Our teaching version also displays the nutritional information in a number of vibrant graphs and charts to help convey this information in an engaging manner. 

Can end-users see a summary of their nutritional intake?

Yes, after a diary has been submitted end-users can see a summary of their nutritional intake for the 8 back of pack nutrients against reference intakes.

However, if you do not wish for your end-users to receive information on their nutritional intake, this can be switched off and is configurable in your project settings. 

What are biomarkers?

A nutrient biomarker is a characteristic that can be measured in biological samples and used as an indicator of nutritional status - the intake and metabolism of dietary components. Urinary and plasma biomarkers were utilised in the development of myfood24. Biomarkers are the "gold standard" reference measure. 

Technology and Security

What devices can I use myfood24 on?
myfood24 is an online application meaning it requires access to the internet  to work. myfood24 can be accessed via a computer, laptop or tablet although we recommend using a computer or laptop if you are setting up projects.
Is myfood24 compatible with my browser?

myfood24 should be compatible with most browsers and has been tested on the following: Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Safari. If you are experiencing problems using myfood24 on a web browser, please try using a different one. If problems persist, please get in touch and let us know the web browser you're using and provide screenshots of the issue wherever possible. 

Is data secure on myfood24?

We take data security seriously, from the company’s Core Values, the design of myfood24 through to staff training and procedures.

Your data is stored securely on DigitalOcean (www.digitalocean.com) servers in Amsterdam and backed up to DigitalOcean servers in London. All communication between you and the server is encrypted.

We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, for more detail on how we collect, process and store your data, please see our Privacy Notice.

Our Databases

How many foods are on myfood24?

There are approximately 45,000 food items currently in the UK myfood24 dataset. We are continually working hard to expand the myfood24 dataset to reflect the wide range of food and drink items available. 

What databases are available on myfood24?

Currently myfood24 has the following databases:

  • McCance and Widdowson’s Composition of foods integrated dataset 6th edition
  • Commercial dataset of branded items included Tesco branded items
  • AUSNUT 2011-12 - Australia
  • Specialised sip and tube feeds
  • Baby and infants foods – UK
  • Baby and infants foods – New Zealand
  • Baby and infants foods – Singapore
  • German Nutrient Database BLS – Germany (generic)
  • German LEBTAB (branded)
  • Denmark Frida Fooddata (generic)
  • Danish infant foods
Can I use more than 1 database?

Yes. It is recommended that for the UK both McCance & Widdowson Composition of Foods plus branded items are selected.

Will more databases be added to myfood24?

We are always keen to continue adding databases to myfood24. If there is a specific database you wish to use or would like to collaborate on creating a specialised database, please do get in touch using the contact us form.

Can I add my own items to the myfood24 database?

Due to the extensive mapping process and quality checks the myfood24 dataset goes through before new food and drink items appear on the database, food and drink items must be added by the myfood24 team.

There is however a comments box at the end of each diary submission which can be used by users to mention any particular items they were unable to find. 

If there are specific food items you would like to be added to the myfood24 dataset, you can request these by using our contact form


Completing a food diary

What can I do if I can't find the food I am looking for?

To reduce the number of food items brought up from a search you can use the filter tabs to select a specific category or brand. If you are still unable to find a food item you can substitute it with the 'generic' version or the most similar food item you can find.

What do I do if I have put my food item in the wrong section?

A food item can be easily moved to another section by simply clicking on the item tile and dragging it to the correct section. Food items can also be deleted and edited from their tile.

How long does it take to fill out a food diary?

The diary should take approximately 13 minutes to complete a whole days’ worth of food. The completion of the diary should become quicker after your first few uses.

Will my food entries be save automatically?

Yes your food entries are saved automatically when added to the diary. However your project leader may have configured the diary settings to erase entries if you have not submitted your diary after 24 hours. If you are unsure of how this will affect you, please contact your researcher directly.

Once I have submitted my diary can it be changed?
Your diary cannot be changed after submission.
How many recipes can I save?
There is no limit to the number of recipes you can save.
When will I be able to see my calorie summary and nutritional intake?

The project leader will choose whether the participants’ calorie summary is visible upon each diary submission. The project leader may also opt to send the participants’ nutritional intake upon project completion. If they do not chose to do this and you wish to know your calorie summary and/or nutritional intake please contact your project leader. For students participating in an education myfood24 project, your nutrient information will be visible as graphs after diary submission.


Using myfood24 as a researcher/teacher

Can I access my results after my license runs out?

When your project finishes you will be able to download and save your results as a csv file. This must be done before your license runs out. You will get a reminder to do this a month before your license is due to end.

Can I enter a question of my own at diary completion?

You can only select the two questions provided. However, if you wanted to ask your own questions, myfood24 can be linked to an online questionnaire. Please get in touch if you wish to find out how to do this.

Can I change the project settings one the project has started?

For a teaching project the project length can be changed once it has begun, but the default project settings will only be applied for future projects. For a research project the settings are all specific to each project and can be changed throughout.

Can I see why a participant opted out?

When a participant chooses to opt out of a project they can to choose whether or not to fill in the comment box. If this is filled out you will see the comment written.

Pricing and Purchasing

How do I purchase a myfood24 licence?

If you wish to purchase a myfood24 licence, please get in touch using the contact us form.

How long does a myfood24 licence last?

myfood24 licences last for 12 months.

How much does it cost?
We have a standard pricing model in place, this includes an annual licence fee plus a fee per anticipated use of the system for research use. For a quote, please get in touch using our contact form.

Referencing myfood24

Do I need to reference myfood24?

If myfood24 has been used in any way for a publication, for example used to collect dietary intake information, myfood24 must be acknowledged in the standard way.

How do I reference myfood24?

Any publication, whether in writing or otherwise, which has made use of the myfood24, must include within it the standard acknowledgement:

“myfood24 was developed through Medical Research Council funding, grant G110235. myfood24 is now being supported by spinout company Dietary Assessment Ltd. Requests to use myfood24 should be made to enquiries@myfood24.org.”

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