myfood24 - the flagship solution from Dietary Assessment Ltd - is an online tool that was developed to help track, monitor and improve dietary intake.

Combining a comprehensive food and nutrition dataset with an easy to use, online food diary system, myfood24 enables participants to accurately record their dietary intake by selecting foods and portion sizes and adding them to their food diary.

Researchers, teachers and health professionals can manage participants, track activity and use the results generated through myfood24 to provide a full range of food and nutrient outputs needed for their research or health monitoring purposes.


Food and nutrient dataset

The myfood24 food and nutrient dataset is unique. It has been created by mapping commercial ‘back of pack’ food label nutrient data (energy (kcal), protein (g), fat (g), saturated fat (g), carbohydrate (g), total sugars (g), fibre (g) and sodium (mg)) from branded Items to generic data from the McCance and Widdowson's ‘The Composition of Foods’ tables, which provides over 100 additional macronutrient and micronutrient attributes such as vitamins and trace metals.

This integrated dataset provides extensive information that can support a wide range of diet-related research and monitoring. Originally developed for the UK market, myfood24 can be adapted for use internationally. myfood24 is currently used in the UK and Australia with German and Danish versions newly available.



The myfood24 solution has been validated against a suite of ‘gold standard’ reference measures of diet - biomarkers. These are more accurate reference measures than interviewer led recalls, which are used for relative validity by other dietary assessment tools.

In addition, the myfood24 solution has been developed by researchers and tested with three age groups including adolescents, adults and older adults whereas other solutions have been designed for use in small subsets of the population.


Using the solution

Quick and easy to use for both solution administrators and end user participants, myfood24 supports a wide range of applications for tracking and monitoring dietary intake.

Projects can track participants over an extended period i.e. multi-year or could focus on tracking the impact of a specific short term intervention. For example, a project could track the effect of a behaviour change intervention on diet over a 12 week period. Study participants would complete a baseline food diary at the start of the period with ‘recalls’ scheduled at defined intervals e.g. monthly for the project duration. Participants would receive a reminder when it is time to complete each diary.

On completion, the project administrator can allow each participant to see a summary of their nutritional intake over the designated time period. Project administrators are able to extract an extensive set of results from the system. This includes nutritional intake at a summary level as well as a complete breakdown, food by food, for each participant.

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