Enhancing Nutritional Analysis for Wellbeing and Performance

Supporting corporate wellbeing programmes, elite sports and fitness teams and individuals

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Accurate nutritional analysis

myfood24® reliably tracks and analyses dietary intake quickly

myfood24® is a quick and easy-to-use solution. Users are able to record their dietary intake by selecting foods and portion sizes and adding them to their food diary. On completion, users are able to see their nutritional intake displayed in a number of simple graphs and charts.


Accurate databases

Accurate results

The expertly created database has been quality-checked to ensure accurate results

Progress tracking-2

Progress tracking

Users are able to set clear goals and track their progress against these over time


Evidence based

myfood24 has been created using robust evidence-based methodologies

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Corporate Wellbeing

Reducing diet-related absences

Many organisations have implemented some sort of wellbeing programme. These can range from simple initiatives, such as bowls of fruit in the morning, through to health assessments and fitness regimes.

The ability for individuals to accurately track and monitor their food and drink intake could lead to weight loss and improved dietary choices, reducing the likelihood of diet-related work absences.

Elite Sports and fitness

Optimising diets for success

myfood24 poses a great opportunity for sports and fitness teams to quickly analyse their dietary intake.

Team coaches can use myfood24 to easily track their team's progress and dietary habits. Whilst team members can accurately track and monitor their own intake against their nutrition goals for competitive gain and improved performance.

Both sets of users are able to access ‘real time’ feedback on over 100 micro- and macronutrients.

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Empowering to eat well

Adhering to dietary self-monitoring is often difficult, despite it being a key component for diet-related disease management and weight loss. This is partly due to available dietary assessment tools often being burdensome, inaccurate and not scientifically developed or evaluated.

In contrast, myfood24 is quick and easy to use and has been developed with academic rigour by experts. This rigour and reliability provides individuals with the confidence they need to accurately track and monitor their nutritional intake to improve health outcomes.

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Great features

Simple to use food diary system

Initially created and validated with ~£1m grant funding from the UK Medical Research Council, myfood24 has been tailored to support the needs of it's users.  Here's just some of the great features that make myfood24 for health so simple and easy to use.


Portion images

Portion images

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myfood24 has a variety of portion images for thousands of food items to help participants complete their diary as accurately and quickly as possible.
Branded items

Branded foods

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The unique and expertly created database contains thousands of branded food items typically found in supermarkets as well as generic items from food tables.


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myfood24 has a variety of prompts built into the food diary to help improve accuracy of recall. Prompts include accompaniments and commonly forgotten items.
Nutrition feedback

Extensive feedback

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Extensive feedback is provided to the researcher including spreadsheets that provide a summary of participant intake, as well as a detailed breakdown, item by item.
Recipe builder

Recipe builder

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Participants can enter home cooked meals as recipes. When calculating the nutritional information, myfood24 takes into account weight and nutrient changes on cooking.
Make a list

Make a list

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To help speed up diary completion, myfood24 allows participants to quickly list all the items they've consumed before searching for them. Similar to the multiple pass method.

What our customers think

Here's what some of our customers think about using myfood24

I was like ooh I shouldn't have eaten that or oh, I've has a really good day today.

End user Gestational Diabetes Patient

Quote on using myfood24 by diabetes patient

I LOVE the dietary analysis section and it’s visually really nice to look at with graphs and bar charts etc. and that you can choose to look at specific nutrients or back of pack labels.

Student MSc Dietetics

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