Managing and Preventing Diet-related Disease

Online nutritional analysis software for more efficient nutritional assessments and improved patient outcomes

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Reducing diet-related disease

Supporting patients and healthcare professionals to monitor nutritional intake

myfood24 for health can play a crucial role in supporting patient care to minimise the risk of complications linked to poor nutrition and reduce rates of diet-related diseases through the better monitoring and tracking of nutritional intake. Patients can self-complete diaries and share these with health professionals prior to appointments. Alternatively, diaries can be completed together during appointments or completed on behalf of another person; for example, by a carer or parent.


Set patients goals and track their progress

Progress tracking

Healthcare professionals can set clear patient goals and track against these over time

Simple graphical feedback helps patients understand

Health literacy

Our simple feedback graphs can help patients understand the links between diet and health

Health professional can monitor patient dietary intake

Patient visibility

The ability to see patient dietary intake can help to tailor support and management plans

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Healthcare professional using smartphone to track patient's nutrient intake

Increasing productivity

Save time conducting assessments to focus on the things that really matter

Conducting in-depth dietary assessments with patients can take up to 1.5 hours to complete and code, meaning this isn't often a realistic option for many. 

myfood24 can be self-completed by the patient before clinic and results are provided instantly meaning they are available to the healthcare professional prior to the consultation. 

The time saved can be used to provide more personalised education and support to the patient, ultimately leading to better care and more productive consultations. 

Improving patient care

Empower patients and improve their quality of life

myfood24 provides patients with feedback graphs and charts on completion of their food diary. We've worked hard to make these simple enough for patients to interpret which could help to improve health literacy.

By helping patients to better understand the nutritional composition of foods, patients may feel more confident in making informed decisions about their diet and empowered to make positive changes.

myfood24 can help patients to reduce symptoms and complications through the better management of their diet leading to an improved quality of life.

Healthcare professional discussing nutrient intake pie chart with patient
Laptop displaying the myfood24 food diary

Evidence-based creation

myfood24 has been developed using robust methodologies

myfood24 was developed and validated by academic experts at the University of Leeds and Imperial College London. Everything from the development of the database to the user-interface has been created using evidence-based methodologies.

This academic heritage means myfood24 stands up to the rigour demanded by healthcare professionals.

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Great features

Simple to use food diary system

Initially created and validated with ~£1m grant funding from the UK Medical Research Council, myfood24 has been tailored to support the needs of both health professionals and their patients. Here's just some of the great features that make myfood24 for health so user-friendly. 


Portion images available on myfood24

Portion images

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myfood24 has a variety of portion images for thousands of food items to help participants complete their diary as accurately and quickly as possible.
Branded food items

Branded foods

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The unique and expertly created database contains thousands of branded food items typically found in supermarkets as well as generic items from food tables.
Prompts for forgotten food items


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myfood24 has a variety of prompts built into the food diary to help improve accuracy of recall. Prompts include accompaniments and commonly forgotten items.
Extensive feedback summary

Extensive feedback

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Extensive feedback is provided to the researcher including spreadsheets that provide a summary of participant intake, as well as a detailed breakdown, item by item.
Recipe builder

Recipe builder

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Participants can enter home cooked meals as recipes. When calculating the nutritional information, myfood24 takes into account weight and nutrient changes on cooking.
Make list

Make a list

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To help speed up diary completion, myfood24 allows participants to quickly list all the items they've consumed before searching for them. Similar to the multiple pass method.

What our customers think

Here's what some of our customers think about using myfood24

I was like ooh I shouldn't have eaten that or oh, I've had a really good day today.

End user Gestational Diabetes Patient

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We’ve gathered data from more than 1000 cancer patients with myfood24. So user friendly.

Dr Abi Fisher Associate Professor in Physical Activity & Health, UCL

Dr Abi Fisher
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