Dietary Assessment for Researchers, Teaching and Health Professionals

Dietary Assessment

myfood24 - the quick and easy tool to track and analyse nutritional intake

myfood24 - the flagship solution from Dietary Assessment Ltd - is an online food recall and diary system that has been developed to support academic research into dietary intake. Covering a wide range of generic and branded foods, myfood24 provides a quick and easy to use tool to track, monitor and analyse nutritional intake.
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For both paper based and online dietary assessment, researchers and health professionals need to be confident that their results will stand up to scrutiny, in particular that the food and nutrition data is accurate. Errors in this source data could lead to serious inaccuracies in the assessment outputs.
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Validated against a suite of 'gold standard' reference measures of diet biomarkers myfood24 can be used to recall or prospectively record diet. It can be self- or interviewer completed. This flexibility helps to cater for a wide range of research project types, study participants and clinical uses.
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myfood24 can support a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses such as nutrition, food science, dietetics, sports and exercise, human biology, medicine and nursing. myfood24 can also be linked to key elements of the national curriculum in schools.
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myfood24 has wide applicability for research, education and clinically across the public sector. The NHS in particular has a range of health programmes that seek to prevent illness through better nutrition and diet.
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Diet-related illness is a big issue for organisations across the globe. Better monitoring of nutritional intake has an important role to play in keeping people fit and active.
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myfood24 in a snapshot

myfood24 has wide application for research, education and clinically, both in the UK and Internationally.

Provides 'real time' feedback on food and nutrient intake

Can be used to recall or prospectively record diet. It can be self- or interviewer completed

Developed by academics and validated using biomarkers

Eliminates the need for costly and time consuming coding

Is easy and quick to use and does not require training

Has an extensive database of generic and branded food items, quality checked by experts

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