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Read how some of our customers have been using myfood24 to support their dietary assessment needs, including why they chose to use the nutritional analysis software and how it has helped. 

myfood24 French Branded Database

About the Study

Expanding Our French Database: Thousands of Branded Food & Drink Products Now Available

Over the course of 8 months, the Dietary Assessment Ltd team have been working hard to expand the French database to cover the wide variety of branded products available in France to help create the best food and nutrient database possible. We spoke to Anaïs to learn more about her experience of developing the myfood24® French database.

myfood24’s French database is more than 3 times bigger than the official French food composition tables

myfood24 For Research in Denmark

About the Study

Prof Tjønneland and her team had been searching for some time for an online system that would allow them to accurately monitor dietary intake. In 2015, at an event in Brisbane, myfood24 caught the attention of a colleague working on the project. Prof Tjønneland approached Prof Cade regarding using myfood24 in the DCH-NG cohort.

Working in collaboration, myfood24 was tailored for use by a Danish cohort which included translating the system into Danish and incorporating local food composition tables.

myfood24 has made it possible for us to collect 24 h recalls on our participants in a user-friendly way, and at the same time, the program has provided us with the quality dietary data we need or our research.

Professor Anne Tjønneland

myfood24 Research for Germany

About the Study

Expanding Our French Database: Thousands of Branded Food & Drink Products Now Available

In order to standardise dietary assessment across countries, Prof Dr Nöthlings contacted Prof Cade to collaborate on adapting myfood24 for use in Germany by translating it and including German Food Composition Tables.

myfood24 was the chosen dietary assessment tool due to its ‘high-quality’ and ‘fully automated calculation of food and nutrient intakes.’ One particular aspect of myfood24 that was highly regarded by the team in Germany was the flexibility; allowing for self- and interviewer-administered 24-hr dietary recalls or food records.

To our knowledge, myfood24 Germany is the first web-based solution for a self-administered 24-hr dietary recall in Germany. From our experience, there is a strong need for such a tool in this country.

Professor Ute Nöthlings

University of Agder

About the Study

The Dietary Methodology team at the University of Agder, led by Dr Anine Medin, were looking for a robust tool that could be used to instantly analyse nutritional intake in the Norwegian population. But there were no validated tools available that met their needs so they turned to myfood24® for help to create a new version of the software, specifically for use in Norway.

There’s definitely need for myfood24 out there. There are no other validated web-based options available in Norway.

Dr Anine Medin
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