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Accurately Assess Dietary Intake to Support Academic Research with myfood24

Experience the innovation of myfood24, created and validated by a team of leading experts in nutritional science. Designed to meet and surpass the rigorous standards of world-class research in dietary assessment, myfood24 offers a quick and user-friendly solution that sets new benchmarks in accuracy and efficiency.

With myfood24, participants embark on a seamless journey of recording their dietary intake. Empowered by an intuitive interface, they effortlessly select foods, portion sizes, and add them to their interactive food diary. It’s never been easier to capture and analyse every vital detail of your nutrition.

For researchers, myfood24 opens a realm of possibilities. Easily manage participants, track their activities, and harness the wealth of generated data to unlock a comprehensive range of food and nutrient outputs. The results obtained provide unparalleled insights, propelling your research to the forefront of nutritional science.



myfood24 can be self-completed, eliminating the need for diary ‘coding’, saving time



The uniquely mapped branded dataset has been created and quality-checked by experts



myfood24 has been validated against a suite of independent nutrient biomarkers

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Evidence-Based Creation

Evidence-Based Creation

myfood24 has been developed using robust methodologies

myfood24 was developed and validated by academic experts at the University of Leeds and Imperial College London. Everything from the development of the database to the user-interface has been created using evidence-based methodologies.

This academic heritage means myfood24 stands up to the rigour demanded by world-class researchers and is widely used by leading academic institutions, both in the UK and internationally.

To read more on our academic papers, click here.

Unique Databases

myfood24 holds a comprehensive database of branded food items

Developed to reflect the rich diversity of food products available in UK supermarkets, the myfood24 dataset stands as a testament to our commitment to accuracy and relevance. Developed to capture the vast array of branded and generic items available, our database contains no crowd-sourced contributions, ensuring the utmost precision in every piece of data. In addition to our UK dataset, we also have a number of international versions, providing an extensive database of world foods. You can learn more on our international solutions here.

You are sure to be impressed by the depth of knowledge within myfood24. It holds an extensive repository of macro and micronutrient information for both branded and generic food items. This comprehensive and pioneering mapping process sets us apart from the rest. There is no other diet tracking, nutritional analysis tool on the market that boasts a database as robust and comprehensive as ours!

Creating Impact

Creating Impact

The Research Excellence Framework (REF) concludes in 2028 and will assess research and impact between 2021 and 2027, and by using myfood24, you can generate real world impact with your data. Because myfood24 creates detailed outputs on foods and nutrients not previously available in other tools, you can analyse your data to generate more impactful findings from your research.

Since the development and validation of myfood24, it has been used to analyse nutritional intake by a number of research organisations in the UK and Europe. Click here to find out more.

Join the world of progressive innovation by adopting myfood24, the ultimate solution that merges expertise, convenience, and scientific rigour. Revolutionise your dietary assessment research and embark on a transformative journey that redefines the way we understand nutrition.

Simple to Use

Using myfood24 is quick and easy for both admins and end-users

Whether you are a system administrator or an end-user diligently completing your food diary, myfood24 is designed to make your experience both enjoyable and effortless. From its inception, our platform has been meticulously crafted with users in mind, prioritising speed and stress-free navigation.

We understand that simplicity is key, and that’s why myfood24 undergoes rigorous usability testing. Spanning across various age groups, from adolescents to older adults, our platform has been refined to ensure diary completion is a breeze for users of all backgrounds. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of making your experience as smooth and intuitive as possible.

Simple to Use
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Great Features

A Food Diary System Made Easy

Portion Images

Portion Images

myfood24 has a variety of portion images for thousands of food items to help participants complete their diary as accurately and quickly as possible

Branded Foods

Branded Foods

The unique and expertly created database contains thousands of branded food items typically found in supermarkets as well as generic items from food tables.



myfood24 has a variety of prompts built into the food diary to help improve accuracy of recall. Prompts include accompaniments and commonly forgotten items.

Extensive Feedback

Extensive feedback is provided to the researcher including spreadsheets that provide a summary of participant intake, as well as a detailed breakdown, item by item.

Recipe Builder

Recipe Builder

Participants can enter home cooked meals as recipes. When calculating the nutritional information, myfood24 takes into account weight and nutrient changes on cooking.

Sustainability Metrics

Find out the environmental impact of your participants’ diets with our sustainability metrics for greenhouse gas emissions, fresh water and land use. For the UK only.

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“From our experience, there is a strong need for such a tool in this country.”

Prof Dr Ute Nöthlings

Professor of Nutritional Epidemiology, University of Bonn

“I was like ooh I shouldn’t have eaten that or oh, I’ve had a really good day today.”

Research Participant

Gestational Diabetes Study

“I LOVE the dietary analysis section, it’s visually really nice to look at with graphs and bar charts.”


MSc Dietetics, Leeds Beckett

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