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Unlocking the power of convenience, myfood24 offers students a swift and hassle-free experience. Using a unique lesson code generated by their teacher, students can seamlessly log into our platform and dive straight into completing their diaries. No delays, no complications—just instant access to a world of nutritional exploration.

Upon diary completion, students unlock a wealth of knowledge. Our platform instantly generates captivating graphs that summarise their own nutritional intake, offering a glimpse into their personal dietary habits. For teaching professionals, myfood24 provides access to class-wide data in the form of graphs and downloadable spreadsheets during lectures. It is a wealth of information at your fingertips. Say goodbye to the days of working after hours to create class summary data, as often required with other systems. These invaluable resources serve as catalysts for stimulating discussions and fostering student self-study.

Graphical Feedback


Immediate nutritional feedback is provided in a variety of different graphical forms

Enhance Understanding


Help convey the links between nutritional composition and health in practical sessions

Easy to Use

to Use

myfood24 is simple to set up and no training is required to use it

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Promoting Discussions

Exploring group feedback together in class

Unlock a world of immediate feedback and nutritional exploration with myfood24 for teaching. Designed to transform the classroom experience, our platform empowers both teachers and students with real-time insights into a diverse array of macro and micronutrients.

Feedback is displayed in a number of rich graphs which can be analysed at both the individual and group level, providing a wealth of knowledge that fuels deep understanding. myfood24 is the only software that allows class-wide data to be explored together, eliminating the need for external aggregation.

In the scope of practical group sessions, myfood24 for teaching becomes a catalyst for stimulating classroom discussions. Engage in lively dialogues as you delve into topics such as meeting nutrient recommendations, the importance of optimal nutrient intake, and the potential repercussions on a person’s health if falling short of them.

myfood24 for teaching also opens doors to student self-study opportunities. From BSc to MSc research projects, our platform empowers students to embark on independent exploration, pushing the boundaries of nutritional knowledge.

Essential Concepts

myfood24 assists in delivering key nutrition principles

myfood24 for teaching is a catalyst for transformative education. It will become your ultimate companion in classroom learning, and can be used across a wide range of disciplines, including nutrition, dietetics, food science, environment, sports and exercise science, medicine, nursing and psychology.

Engage your students in practical sessions with captivating teaching methods that explore key nutrition messages, such as:

  • Reference Nutrient Intakes: How specific diets match up against reference nutrient intake values, unearthing the intricate balance between nutrition and optimal health.
  • Portion Size Perspectives: Shed light on the profound impact portion sizes can have on nutritional intake, empowering students to make informed decisions about their dietary choices.
  • Uncovering Nutritional Trends: Dive deep into the exploration of dietary patterns, unravelling nutritional trends that shape our understanding of optimal nutrition.
  • Changing Dietary Behaviours: See how students can alter example poor quality diets to meet requirements.
  • Recipe Formulation: Analyse new product recipe data to see the balance of nutrients.
  • Plan and Deliver Research: Collect food diary logs as part of interactive learning.

Best Practice

myfood24 reinforces the importance of using robust methodologies

Developed and validated by leading academics at the University of Leeds, myfood24 represents the pinnacle of evidence-based methodologies. With a compelling blend of biomarker validation and a bespoke database, it paints a comprehensive nutritional picture of branded items. This wealth of data has been meticulously assembled through a rigorous mapping process, resulting in an exceptional tool that stands out in its field.

Let myfood24 redefine the way your students learn, serving as a powerful reminder of the paramount importance of deploying evidence-based methodologies and best practices in dietary assessment. Harness the potential of myfood24 and witness how it transforms the learning landscape for students, ensuring they grasp the art and science of nutritional analysis with more clarity and confidence.

If you would like to learn how myfood24 can support you, contact us here to find out more.

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Great Features

Simple to Use Food Diary System

Portion Images

Portion Images

myfood24 has a variety of portion images for thousands of food items to help participants complete their diary as accurately and quickly as possible.

Branded Foods

Branded Foods

The unique and expertly created database contains thousands of branded food items typically found in supermarkets as well as generic items from food tables.



myfood24 has a variety of prompts built into the food diary to help improve accuracy of recall. Prompts include accompaniments and commonly forgotten items.

Extensive Feedback

Extensive feedback is provided to the researcher including spreadsheets that provide a summary of participant intake, as well as a detailed breakdown, item by item.

Recipe Builder

Recipe Builder

Participants can enter home cooked meals as recipes. When calculating the nutritional information, myfood24 takes into account weight and nutrient changes on cooking.

Sustainability Metrics

Sustainability Metrics

Help students understand the impact dietary patterns can have on the environment with our sustainability metrics for greenhouse gas emissions, fresh water and land use. For the UK only.

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“From our experience, there is a strong need for such a tool in this country.”

Prof Dr Ute Nöthlings

Professor of Nutritional Epidemiology, University of Bonn

“I was like ooh I shouldn’t have eaten that or oh, I’ve had a really good day today.”

Research Participant

Gestational Diabetes Study

“I LOVE the dietary analysis section, it’s visually really nice to look at with graphs and bar charts.”


MSc Dietetics, Leeds Beckett

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