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Read how some of our customers have been using myfood24 to support their dietary assessment needs, including why they chose to use the nutritional analysis software and how it has helped. 

Use in Dietetics Practice – Outpatients

About the Study

The aim of this study was to assess the usability and acceptability of myfood24® within a dietetic outpatient setting, funded by the British Dietetic Association.


Used MyFood24



Time saved in 1/3 of appointments



Spent less time on assessments

Patients and dietitians were positive about the new type of consultation, which showed the potential to improve quality of care and save time.

Research at York Hospital

About the Study

York’s Tier 3 Weight Management Programme is a 12-week programme designed to help patients with a BMI over 35 kg/m2 lose weight. Rather than a ‘one size fits all approach’, the programme promotes small and sustainable lifestyle changes.


Used MyFood24 in the Programme


Diaries Completed per person



were still using after 6 months

I have found myfood24 a really useful tool in supporting my tier 3 weight management patients.

Sarah Trevellion

CSN Health & NutriTIon

About the Study

CSN Health & Nutrition offer advice and support on healthy eating for children, adolescents, adults and older individuals as well as working on public health projects. CSN have started using the myfood24® healthcare solution with their clients to gain deeper insights into their dietary habits and save time.

100% myfood24 has been able to save that 2 hours.

I can have informed conversions with them about their nutrition during our consultations.

Clinical Use of myfood24 for Gestational Diabetes

About the Study

In a recent study looking to improve the dietary habits of women newly diagnosed with GDM, myfood24 was used to assess dietary intake alongside glucose monitoring.

The women were asked to self-complete their dietary intake using myfood24 as part of the standard antenatal care. Alongside this care, the women were asked to complete a user questionnaire to assess the usability of myfood24, including: user experience, ease of understanding and ease of use.

I thought that [myfood24] made me remember things. It was more specific. I think it was easy to forget when you’re writing it down. You know because it reminded you – have you remembered to put a drink down here, have you remembered to put a snack down there

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