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Supporting elderly residents with changing nutritional and dietary requirements is a vital component of a high-quality care provision that promotes better health and improved recovery from illness. During what are unprecedented times, the ability to reassure residents’ families who have limited visiting options is more important than ever.

myfood24 online food diary

myfood24 is a robust online food diary system, developed by academics at the University of Leeds, to easily monitor and inform individual diet and nutrition decisions and improve health.

Alongside your existing provision of nutritious meals, myfood24 makes it easier for your care team and family members to remotely monitor an individual’s nutritional intake, ensuring your most vulnerable residents are consuming what they need to positively impact on their health and quality of life.

Updated Diary

Remote diet monitoring for families

The user-friendly myfood24 food diary system features an extensive branded food and drink database, hundreds of plated portion images and generates colourful easy-to-read reports. An individual resident’s food intake can be updated by staff and quickly shared, in real-time, with healthcare professionals and family members; providing an added value service that goes way beyond simply sharing the daily menus and delivering peace of mind for families being kept at a distance.

Credible, proven and accurate

Unlike other food diaries on the market myfood24 is a validated nutritional analysis tool being used by the international research and development community, providing reliable results. myfood24 is an established academic brand . Our mission is to empower researchers, teaching and healthcare professionals to better understand the links between diet and disease and improve health outcomes through better nutrition. Find our more about our founder, Professor Janet Cade.

Cost-efficient and easy to roll out

myfood24, provides fast, robust nutritional analysis of over 100 nutrients, vitamins and minerals instantly, enabling your staff to accurately monitor each resident’s nutritional intake against their personalised dietary recommendations.

Reasons to choose myfood24:

  • Adds extra value to your care provision
  • Easy to roll out across multiple residential sites
  • Remote diet monitoring is simple and easy for staff, families and healthcare professionals
  • Cost effective and easy to scale
  • Quickly identify residents at risk who may require more nutritional support
  • Improve resident health and quality of life through ‘collaborative management’
  • Extensive branded food and drink database
  • Developed by academic experts
Cost-efficient and easy to roll out

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Here’s What Some of Our Customers Think About myfood24

“From our experience, there is a strong need for such a tool in this country.”

Prof Dr Ute Nöthlings

Professor of Nutritional Epidemiology, University of Bonn

“I was like ooh I shouldn’t have eaten that or oh, I’ve had a really good day today.”

Research Participant

Gestational Diabetes Study

“I LOVE the dietary analysis section, it’s visually really nice to look at with graphs and bar charts.”


MSc Dietetics, Leeds Beckett

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