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Read how some of our customers have been using myfood24® to support their dietary assessment needs, including why they chose to use the nutritional analysis software and how it's helped. 

Saving time and empowering patients

Assessing the usability and acceptability of myfood24 within a dietetic outpatient setting

Find out how myfood24 saved 13 minutes in a third of all appointments and enabled more time to be spent on patient education.

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Patients and dietitians were positive about the new type of consultation, which showed the potential to improve quality of care and save time…

Carla Gianfrancesco

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100% myfood24 has been able to save that 2 hours. I can have informed conversations with them about their nutrition during our consultation.

Barbara Goldberg CSN Health and Nutrition

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An easy-to-use alternative to written food diaries

Saving users time and money with nutritional analysis software

Barbara at CSN Health and Nutrition was looking for an alternative solution to handwritten paper food diaries, which took considerable time to analyse and turned to myfood24. Find out how myfood24 not only saved Barbara but also enabled her to have more informed conversations with her clients.

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Assessing food using online and remote completions

Providing a user friendly tool for dietary data collection in children

Professor Keith Godfrey and his team were looking for a remote and online tool to collect dietary data in children for the NiPPeR Study. Find out how myfood24 was able to support this.

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For anyone that’s contemplating collecting data in children of this age, I would recommend they take a serious look at myfood24.

Prof Keith Godfrey University of Southampton

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I have found myfood24 a really useful tool in supporting my tier 3 weight management patients.

Sarah Trevillion York Hospital

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Supporting Tier 3 Weight Management

Saving time and helping patients to stay on track

York’s Tier 3 Weight Management Programme has been using myfood24 to easily monitor patients' diet and nutrient intake. Find out how myfood24 has helped save time and improve patients' health literacy.

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Boosting student learning and data handling skills

Supporting Public Health at the University of Southampton

After coming across myfood24 through a presentation, Dr Childs has implemented the myfood24 education solution within the MSc Public Health course at the University of Southampton to encourage students to explore modern and extensive databases and to build on their data handling and manipulation skills.

Read this case study to find out how myfood24 is being utilised to enhance students’ learning experience and skills development, including reflecting on their own eating behaviours through keeping food diaries.

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It's provided students with a useful experience on being able to navigate around a large dataset and provided a challenge for students to learn from and overcome how to manipulate data in different ways.

Dr Caroline Childs University of Southampton

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Testing the usability of myfood24: Norway

For use in a lifestyle intervention study

Dr Laila Hopstock from the Department of Community Medicine required a robust, evidence-based tool to support her planned RCT targeted towards older adults with obesity and elevated cardiometabolic risk, and has chosen myfood24's research solution to help.

Read to find out how myfood24 will be tested as a data collection tool for intended use in Dr Hopstock's planned lifestyle intervention study.

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Creating a Robust Tool for Norway

Accurate and Efficient Assessments

The Dietary Methodology team at the University of Agder, led by Dr Anine Medin, were looking for a robust tool that could be used to instantly analyse nutritional intake in the Norwegian population. But there were no validated tools available that met their needs so they turned to myfood24 for help to create a new version of the software, specifically for use in Norway. We spoke with Dr Medin to found out about her experience of developing a Norwegian version of myfood24 and this is what she had to say…

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We chose myfood24 because it gave us exactly what we needed: an easy to use tool that instantly produced data.

Dr Anine Medin University of Agder, Norway

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Nutritional assessment is now practical and feasible with a tool such as myfood24.

Dr Zeinab Mulla Imperial College London, UK

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Developing Student's Practical Skills

Making dietary assessments feasible in class

Dr Zeinab Mulla at Imperial College London wanted a modern, validated tool that could be used within their Masters degree courses to help teach students about the importance of accurate dietary assessments and turned to myfood24:education.

Read to find out how myfood24 will be embedded within the Public Health and Epidemiology Masters degree courses at Imperial College London to support student education, focusing on dietary assessment.

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Gestational Diabetes

Clinical use of myfood24

Dietary and lifestyle changes are recommended for treatment of GDM in order to reduce blood glucose levels. Dietary assessment by a dietitian forms part of the standard care at diagnosis to support education and dietary modifications.

In a recent study looking to improve the dietary habits of women newly diagnosed with GDM, myfood24 was used to assess dietary intake alongside glucose monitoring. The women were asked to self-complete their dietary intake using myfood24 as part of the standard antenatal care. 

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Once you can see it in numbers and can see the picture of it, it’s harder just to shrug off and think I’m fine… I couldn’t just go with it.

Research Participant Gestational Diabetes Patient

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To our knowledge, myfood24 (Germany) is the first web-based solution for a self-administered 24-hr dietary recall in Germany. From our experience, there is a strong need for such a tool in this country.

Professor Dr Ute Nöthlings University of Bonn, Germany

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A Tool for Germany

Developing myfood24 for use in Germany

University of Bonn, Germany

In order to standardise dietary assessment across countries, Prof Dr Nöthlings contacted Prof Cade to collaborate on adapting myfood24 for use in Germany by translating it and including German Food Composition Tables.

myfood24 was the chosen dietary assessment tool due to its “high-quality” and “fully automated calculation of food and nutrient intakes”. One particular aspect of myfood24 that was highly regarded by the team in Germany was the flexibility; allowing for self- and interviewer-administered 24-hr dietary recalls or food records.

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Supporting research into cancer

The creation of myfood24 for Denmark

Danish Cancer Research Society, Denmark

Prof Tjønneland and her team had been searching for some time for an online system that would allow them to accurately monitor dietary intake. In 2015, at an event in Brisbane, myfood24 caught the attention of a colleague working on the project.

Prof Tjønneland approached Prof Cade regarding using myfood24 in the Diet Cancer and Health Next Generation cohort.

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myfood24 has made it possible for us to collect 24 h recalls on our participants in a user-friendly way and at the same time the program has provided us with the quality dietary data we need for our research.

Professor Anne Tjønneland Danish Cancer Society

Quote from Anne Tjonneland, Danish Cancer Society
I definitely recommend myfood24 for teaching. It is a simple and easy to use tool

Dr Gace Farhat Liverpool Hope University

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Enhancing student education

Supporting Food Science and Nutrition courses

The Food Science and Nutrition team at Liverpool Hope needed a new and reliable software that could analyse food and nutrient intake easily to overcome the issues of traditional analysis software. The team turned to myfood24 for teaching for help.

In the past, other software packages the team had used lacked 'ready-to-eat' foods and didn't have visual representations of portion sizes. myfood24 for teaching was able to overcome these problems with the vast food and drink database that includes branded and 'ready-to-eat' items, it also hosts thousands of portion images to aid estimation of portions. 

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