Dietary Assessment and Management Software for Primary Care

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Unique digital nutrition platform

myfood24® is a trusted dietary analysis solution tailored for use in primary care settings to help clinicians better manage their patients with diet-related conditions to save them clinical time and improve patient outcomes.

Benefits myfood24 can deliver to your GP practices

  • Reduce unnecessary appointments and better manage patients
  • Save clinical time and reduce consultations for the wider practice team
  • Make better use of clinicians' busy schedules
  • Reduce future practice demand linked to poor diets
  • Accurate and timely feedback allows for appropriate clinical intervention
  • Take a digital approach to dietary monitoring
Join leading research and healthcare organisations around the world already using our nutritional analysis software for a range of health conditions. Helping to save clinical time now and in the future and reducing the cost of diet-related disease.
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About myfood24

High-quality, efficient dietary assessment and management software 

Developed at the University of Leeds by a leading Professor of Nutritional Epidemiology, myfood24 is an efficient diet monitoring and analysis solution designed to save clinical time and provide better nutrition care for patients.

The digital nutrition platform connects a food diary app for patients with an intuitive and secure web portal for clinicians. High-quality dietary information is produced instantly and shared with patients and their clinical team. 

Our adaptable and digital approach to dietary monitoring means myfood24 can be deployed at scale across Practice Groups, PCNs and ICSs to any patient who may require some form of dietary support including:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Obesity and related problems
  • Plus many more!
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How myfood24 works

Patients input their dietary information remotely using the myfood24 smartphone app. The diet monitoring platform instantly analyses the nutritional composition and compiles this into a range of easy-to-read reports, accessible by the clinician and patient so both have a complete overview of diet and nutrition before and after appointments.

Accurate dietary information is available instantly

Having a complete picture of diet and nutrient intake available to the clinical team (including GPs and practice nurses) could help to:

  • Reduce unnecessary appointments
  • Better manage patients with diet-related conditions
  • Provide appropriate and timely clinical intervention
  • Reduce diet-related disease complications
  • Save clinical time and associated costs 
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Improve patient diets with digital self-monitoring

Patient dietary self-monitoring has been proven to be effective in changing behaviours and can support positive dietary improvements which could help to:

  • Empower patients to confidently self-manage their condition
  • Improve patient outcomes making them feel happier and healthier
  • Reduce the risk of diet-related disease and complications linked to poor diet
  • Ease the time and cost burden of diet-related disease now and in the future
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A robust, trusted and secure platform

Our academic heritage

Our innovative nutritional assessment tool, part-funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), has an evidence-based design at its core, utilising reliable and robust methodologies to provide the dependable results required for use within primary care settings.

Originally created at the University of Leeds by nutrition experts myfood24 has been developed with academic rigour, with a series of peer-reviewed scientific publications verifying the development and application of the food diary system, including biomarker validation.


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Our accreditations

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Why dietary monitoring is needed

Poor diet is responsible for 1 in 5 deaths worldwide and is the number 1 risk factor for death, overtaking smoking. Poor diet increases the risk of a range of diseases, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers, among others – which are all having a significant impact on the NHS.

In the UK, two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese, costing the NHS £6 billion each year to treat; 4.9 million have diabetes and 90% of cases are type 2 diabetes, collectively costing £1 billion annually. 

Dietary monitoring and improvements can prevent, treat and in some cases reverse conditions related to poor nutrition or where diet is an influencing factor if appropriate and timely interventions are made. 


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