2022 yearly round-up

2022 Yearly Round-up

As another year at Dietary Assessment Ltd passes, we look back to celebrate what a successful year it’s been. Filled with exciting new product features, even more international datasets and lots more academic papers, here’s our annual round-up for 2022.


2022 has seen our biggest-ever increase in the myfood24 food and nutrient dataset, reaching over 200,000 items in total! Covering 11 different countries and regions for a truly diverse and expansive dataset.

The data team have worked extremely hard on providing not only an accurate food composition database, but one that reflects dietary and market trends.

The core UK database alone now contains 115,700+ items which covers an extensive range of items from leading UK brands, supermarkets, coffee shops, fast food chains and meal delivery services. Including free from, organic and plant-based items.

Our specialist UK databases have also seen significant updates this year, including over 1,390 items in our database of medical products (enteral feeds and specialist oral supplements); and over 1,330 dietary supplements and vitamins.

To see just how many items our database holds, why not try a free demo or visit our database webpage?

200k Products (Twitter Post)


Perhaps one of the updates we were most excited about for 2022 was the release of our 3 sustainability metrics for UK research and teaching customers, allowing users to measure the impact of diets on the environment. Going further than other sustainability calculators we’re aware of, myfood24 measures the below to provide users with a more complete picture of sustainability:

  • greenhouse gas emissions
  • fresh water use
  • land use

All items in the core UK food and drink dataset have had a value assigned to each measure. Sustainability measures are calculated for each food diary completed and can be accessed by both the researcher and the participant to help raise awareness of dietary sustainability.

You can access more information on our sustainability metrics or try a free demo of the food diary to try them out for yourself.

New Feature


It’s with great excitement that this year Dietary Assessment Ltd had our highest ranking in the annual HealthTech Top 50, reaching number 4.

The list aims to shine a light on innovative companies, from start-ups to established businesses, in the UK that are developing healthcare technologies. The final list was decided on by a public vote and an expert judging panel.

Find out more about the HealthTech 50 rankings.

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By popular request, we launched a new meal planning functionality for our healthcare system. Allowing healthcare professionals to create tailor-made meal plans for their patients to help keep them on track with their nutrient targets and to give them helpful meal and recipe ideas. We have also included 7 free sample meal plans to support healthy eating, which can be quickly and easily adapted to individual needs or used as standard.

You can find out more about our meal planning feature or get in touch to request a free demo or speak to a member of our team.

Meal Planning


2022 has seen significant work carried out on our French food composition database underpinning myfood24 for France. Our latest enhancements have included adding the most recent CIQUAL 2020 database and undertaking a comprehensive exercise to reduce gaps present in the original CIQUAL (39%) to 0.3%, for a more complete database. Our team also mapped all branded items within our French branded database to the enhanced CIQUAL FCT to provide complete nutrient information on at least 67 nutrients for all branded food and drink items.

Our French dataset now stands at 15,360 food and drink items with accurate data available on up to 67 nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

You can find out more about the French database updates or try a free demo of the French version.


It was with great excitement that we announced 2 new versions of myfood24 this year, tailored for use in the USA and West Africa. Each is underpinned by a unique and appropriate food composition database developed by our team of nutrition experts.

USA: The US version of myfood24 holds information on 225 nutrients, vitamins and minerals for over 323,000 generic food and drink items, based on the USDA food composition table. You can try a free demo of myfood24 for the USA.

West Africa: The West African version of myfood24 includes over 800 branded and generic food and drink items and 56 nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Available in English. Try the West African version for free.

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This year we’ve seen 4 more published academic papers detailing the development and application of myfood24 across different settings and countries. You can access the full papers using the links below or find details of all the publications behind myfood24 here.

Development of an Innovative Online Dietary Assessment Tool for France: Adaptation of myfood24. Hasenböhler et al., 2022. DOI: 10.3390/nu14132681

Self-completed online dietary recalls as an alternative method of dietary assessment for dietetic outpatient appointments: A feasibility study. Gianfrancesco et al., 2022. DOI: 10.1111/jhn.13047

Usability of myfood24 Healthcare and Mathematical Diet Optimisation in Clinical Populations: A Pilot Feasibility Randomised Controlled Trial. Threapleton et al., 2022. DOI: 10.3390/nu14091768

Evaluation of a Web-Based Dietary Assessment Tool (myfood24) in Norwegian Women and Men Aged 60-74 Years: Usability Study. Hopstock et al., 2022. DOI: 10.2196/35092

If you’ve published a study using myfood24, we’d love to hear about it, get in touch to let us know.

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