Enhancing nutritional analysis in Europe

We’re very excited to announce the new launch of myfood24 France and myfood24 Norway, two solutions tailored to supporting online dietary assessments in their respective countries.

In collaboration with academics at UniLaSalle and University of Agder, Dietary Assessment (DA) have developed two new international versions of the market-leading nutritional analysis software, myfood24. The new versions of the software have been fully translated into the French and Norwegian languages and include a food and nutrient database specific to France and Norway.

Breaks through barriers quote rectanglemyfood24 provides a more efficient way to analyse diet and nutrition without compromising on accuracy. The tool, initially created at the University of Leeds by Prof Janet Cade, is backed by robust and evidence-based methodologies and has been validated against a suite of independent nutrient biomarkers.

The success of myfood24 lies in the food and nutrient database that underpins it. In order to provide an accurate version of the tool, suitable for use in France and Norway, two new and appropriate food and nutrient databases needed to be developed. Using tried and tested methods, the teams at UniLaSalle and University of Agder have collaborated with DA on the creation of these two unique databases that incorporates generic items from local food composition tables and branded items. The result is two new high-quality and comprehensive databases including branded items, specific to France and Norway.

The software also uses images depicting different sized food portions for hundreds of food items to aid accurate recall of portion sizes.Unique approach quote rectangle

“myfood24 breaks through the barriers posed by previous attempts to explore food and nutrient intakes in different countries. Our unique approach to the development of local food databases  makes sure that results reflect country specific intakes. Many systematic reviews of the evidence underpinning links between specific nutrients and health outcomes are limited to data from a few countries. Our international versions of myfood24 will allow researchers to redress this imbalance. We are excited that we can now offer myfood24 in France and Norway. We also have an Arabic and other country versions in preparation.”

myfood24 France and myfood24 Norway have been added to the suite of international versions of the tool which now consists of: Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway and the UK.

If you’re interested in collaborating on a new country-specific version of myfood24, we’d love to hear from you, please use our contact form.

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