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Expansion of myfood24’s French Food Database

A series of enhancements have resulted in a significantly improved food and nutrient dataset underpinning the French version of myfood24. Find out more here…

Summary of updates

  • CIQUAL 2020 food composition table now available
  • A detailed and methodological activity has reduced original gaps in CIQUAL 2020 from 39% to 0.3% to form an enhanced food composition table
  • A comprehensive mapping exercise has resulted in macro and micronutrient information available for all branded items
  • Complete information on 67 nutrients for all food and drink items available in the latest version of the French myfood24 dataset
  • Food and drink items have been coded to the FAO/WHO GIFT classification

Enhancing CIQUAL 2020 for a more complete nutrient database

The original CIQUAL 2020 by ANSES has seen a number of improvements from the 2017 version including the addition of several sugars (fructose, glucose, lactose, maltose, sucrose), an increase in the number of plant-based and vegetarian items, plus more fruits and vegetables from overseas territories like Martinique and Ile de la Réunion. All of which are now available in myfood24 for France.

But while a fantastic source of information, like most National Food Composition Tables (FTCs), CIQUAL 2020 contains a number of missing nutrient information. At Dietary Assessment we like to go one step further than all other nutrient analysis systems out there and reduce these gaps wherever possible to provide a more complete nutrient picture. To do this we undertake a detailed and methodological exercise to add in the missing values. In the case of CIQUAL 2020 our team of experts has reduced the nutrient gaps from 39% to 0.3%. Meaning every item within CIQUAL 2020 that should have a nutrient value assigned, now does – there are no gaps in this dataset!

“We dedicated a lot of time and effort to release CIQUAL 2020 and complete gaps from the official French Food Composition Tables, promising a better nutritional analysis, closer to reality.” Anaïs Hasenböhler – Database Support for myfood24

A representative food database for France

Currently, our French dataset of branded food and drink products sits at 12,113 items across 1,266 different brands and includes a wide range of products typically eaten in France including: fast food chains and ‘on the go’ lunch items; and classic food such as bûches de Noël, macarons and fromage à raclette. Not only this, but we’ve worked hard to expand this to include some Belgian specialities like like waffles and spéculoos.

Data mapping provides extensive information on branded items

Typically, other diet analysis programs with branded items can only assess a limited number of nutrients that are available on food packaging. However, we’ve worked hard to map each and every branded food and drink item in our database to similar items available in our enhanced CIQUAL 2020 to provide comprehensive information on all nutrients, vitamins and minerals available. This means that every food and drink item available in our French food and nutrient dataset now has complete information on 67 nutrients, with no missing nutrient information!

All items available in our French dataset have also been coded according to the FAO/WHO GIFT classification, each code gives information about its food group, and sub-group.

Interested in finding out more?

Our French nutrient database truly is unique to myfood24 but don’t just take our word for it, why not try it for yourself? You can try the French food diary for free or get in touch for a demonstration of the whole system with a member of our team.

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