Imperial College London uses myfood24 to support student teaching

We’re excited to announce that myfood24 will be embedded within the Public Health and Epidemiology Masters degree courses at Imperial College London to support student education, focusing on dietary assessment.

Dr Zeinab Mulla at Imperial College London wanted a modern, validated tool that could be used within their Masters degree courses to help teach students about the importance of accurate dietary assessments and turned to myfood24:education.

myfood24 will be used to support the Research Methods and Epidemiology modules and will be used to introduce students to the measurement of diet and as an example of a modern validated assessment tool. myfood24 will also be used to support student research projects as a tool to collect dietary data to investigate diet in relation to health outcomes.

The team at Imperial hope to “get students well versed in the use of dietary assessment, and to include it in their research roles going forward wherever relevant even if they are not nutrition experts, to encourage them to collaborate with nutrition professional by showing them that nutrition assessment is now practical and feasible with a tool such as myfood24. In this way we can better understand the role of diet in many public health problems.” – Dr Zeinab Mulla, Teaching Fellow in Public Health at Imperial College London

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