New Feature Launched: Meal Planning on myfood24 healthcare!

We’re really excited to announce that we’ve already launched a new feature for our healthcare solution – meal planning! Read on to learn more about our new feature, how it can help to save you time and help support patients meet their dietary goals!

What is the meal planning feature on myfood24?


Our new meal planning feature is a great way to give your patients some ideas about the sorts of foods and portion sizes they could be eating to help them achieve their healthcare goals and to make better more informed choices.

Our new feature gives you the ability to create tailored and individualised plans that meet the nutritional needs of your patients or to create more generic plans that can be used at scale for groups of patients to help support them with their dietary needs.

Each plan has the ability to add food and drink items to each meal event:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Snack
  • Drinks

Once you have created your meal plan(s) you can assign these to your patient(s), they will then be able to access these through their smartphone app and add these to their food diary at the click of a button.

Key features of myfood24 meal planning:

The latest feature on myfood24 has been designed to make creating, re-using and customising plans as quick and easy for you to use as possible. Here’s how:

  • Nutrient information: as you create a meal plan a tally of nutritional information will appear for each item, meal event and total for the day to help you keep track of nutrient values and create a plan that meets your patients nutritional requirements.
  • Meal plan templates: create a selection of meal plan templates for different needs, these can then be used to quickly create, tweak and tailor new plans according to individual patient needs in a matter of minutes, saving your time and supporting patient needs. Includes 7 free sample meal plans!
  • Meal plan groups: similar meal plans can be grouped, making it easier to find and assign plans based on dietary goals and requirements.
  • Assign plans to multiple patients: meal plans can be assigned to multiple patients or a group of patients with similar dietary needs, quickly and easily.
  • Notes: helpful notes can be added to meal plans for patients to see, for example, food alternatives or hints or tips
  • Meal plans appear on the patient app: patients can access meal plans they have been assigned on their app, here they can add the whole meal plan to their food diary at the click of a button or download the plan to their phone.


What are the benefits of meal planning?

Helping to save you time

The meal planning section has been designed to help save you time. That’s why we’ve included some great features like creating templates for fast ways to create new plans that can be individualised, assigning plans to multiple patients at once, and grouping similar plans together to help you find the right one for your patient quickly.

Supporting patient needs

Meal planning is a great way to give examples of the sorts of foods and portions patients should be consuming to help them meet their dietary goals. Having this available to them could help them to feel more supported and empowered to make better food choices, build healthier habits and stay on track.

Want to try our new meal planning feature or find out more?

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Please note: This feature is available for our healthcare solution only.

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