Sample meal plan templates available for healthcare users

Following the launch of our new meal planning feature, we’ve created a series of sample meal plan templates available for all myfood24 healthcare users!

Templates are a great way to get started with meal plans quickly and easily. They can be used to quickly create a selection of meal plans in a matter of minutes, each tailored to different needs without having to create each plan from scratch.

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Our freely available sample meal plan templates include 7 different plans, all designed to meet healthy eating guidelines – including  5 a day and 30g fibre, and below the recommendations for saturated fat and salt – to help patients improve the quality of their diet.

Templates are a great way to create variations on a theme, in this case healthy eating. For example, a template could be used to quickly create a vegetarian option or an alternative plan optimised for a specific nutrient of interest.

Simply assign a template to groups of patients who would find these plans helpful, or clone and customise the template to create a new version tailored for individual needs.

Benefits of using meal plan templates:

  • Quickly create new meal plans using our sample templates as a basis
  • Customise and refine meal plans to meet individual patient needs
  • Use our sample templates to get started straight away!

Our sample plan templates have been created by nutritionists to ensure they are sensible and achievable for patients. Find out more about meal planning with myfood24.

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