September ’18 Update

Lots of exciting things have been happening for Dietary Assessment over the past few months…

The validation paper showing that myfood24 is just as effective as the more time-consuming and costly interviewer-led recall, in comparison to biomarkers, was published in BMC medicine.

We’re very excited to announce that we have been accepted onto the Elmwood LaunchPod accelerator programme starting this month!

Ready for the start of a new academic term, we’re thrilled that a number of universities across the UK will be using myfood24 for teaching!


“We have a valid, reliable tool for measuring diet.” – Dr D Greenwood, University of Leeds, study co-author

The latest myfood24 validation paper: ‘Validity of an online 24-h recall tool (myfood24) for dietary assessment in population studies: comparison with biomarkers and standard interviews’ was published on 9th August 2018 in BMC Medicine (DOI: 10.1186/s12916-018-1113-8).

The paper compares the performance of myfood24 with a traditional interviewer-led 24hr recall, assessing both against a suite of biomarkers. Intakes of energy and nutrients such as protein, total sugar and sodium were compared between methods. As expected, both self-reported methods were attenuated compared to biomarkers, attenuation factors for myfood24 and the interviewer-led recall were similar (0.2-0.3). The study concluded that myfood24 gave similar results to the more cumbersome and costly interviewer-led recall, therefore could be more efficient in large-scale population surveys, prospective cohorts and trials and could give more valid estimates than FFQs.


Elmwood launches Dietary Assessment Ltd into healthcare

Elmwood LaunchPod, an accelerator programme run by Elmwood, a global brand design consultancy, has signed up four successful participants, including Dietary Assessment Ltd, to take part in its 12-week programme starting in September.

The accelerator is aimed at promoting the development of start-ups, offering support to entrepreneurs looking to scale-up their operations, while also investing in the economic prospects of the region. The programme will shape the direction of businesses and foster community collaboration with creativity and technology at the core. Elmwood’s inaugural programme is focused on start-ups who are innovating how people connect with their health and with the healthcare system.

“We’re really excited to work with the Elmwood team to develop the Dietary Assessment brand and look forward to developing and launching a new version of myfood24 for personalised healthcare and wellbeing.” – Lauren Gibson, Nutritionist at Dietary Assessment Ltd


myfood24 success in teaching

Launched in February 2018, myfood24 for teaching has been tailored to support classroom learning to develop critical skills and capacity in nutrition and health.

As far as we’re aware, it’s the only system that allows immediate feedback from the whole class to be explored together, without aggregating information elsewhere first. Feedback on 100+ nutrients can be analysed at both the individual and group level using a variety of visual and easy-to-interpret graphs.

We’re thrilled that it’s already being used in a number of top universities across the UK, including the University of Leeds. The latest universities to integrate myfood24 for teaching into their nutrition and related courses include: Leeds Beckett, Liverpool Hope and University of Southampton!

If you’re interested in using myfood24 for teaching or would like to find out more information, please click here


myfood24 can be used by researchers, teaching and health professionals to accurately track, monitor and analyse nutritional intake to improve health.

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