Thousands of branded products have been added to our French database!

We’re thrilled to announce that our team of data and nutrition experts has been working hard to bring 11,000 new branded products to the French myfood24 food and nutrient database.

Over the course of 8 months, our data team has been sourcing, mapping and quality checking branded food and drink items typically found in French hypermarkets and speciality stores for the myfood24 database. Products have been mapped to generic items in CIQUAL to create a more complete nutrient profile for over 40 nutrients. In addition, portion images and food accompaniments have also been added to the new database items to support more accurate diet recalls.

The latest update means that the myfood24 French food and nutrient dataset now includes almost 13,000 branded and generic (CIQUAL) items in total, this is 3 times larger than the official French food composition tables!

To see the new branded products for yourself try a free demo of myfood24 France

About myfood24 for France

Created by nutrition experts and in collaboration with UniLaSalle, myfood24 France was developed to be a quick and easy-to-use nutritional analysis solution that would stand up to the academic rigour demanded by world-class researchers.

The digital food diary has been designed to be completed by participants in minutes, without compromising on accuracy. Fully mobile optimised, the myfood24 food diary can be accessed on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Like all myfood24 databases, the French dataset that underpins the tool has been created and quality-checked by nutrition experts using robust methodologies. The French tailored dietary assessment platform analyses over 40 nutrients and vitamins, with results generated instantly. Try a free demo.

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