UiT The Arctic University plans to use myfood24 for a lifestyle intervention study

With great excitement, we can announce that researchers at The University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway will examine the usability of myfood24 as a data collection tool for intended use in a planned lifestyle intervention study.

Dr Laila Hopstock from the Department of Community Medicine required a robust, evidence-based tool to support her planned RCT targeted towards older adults with obesity and elevated cardiometabolic risk, choosing myfood24’s research solution to help.

Dr Hopstock will use the Norwegian version of myfood24, which includes a localised dataset of branded and generic items, developed using Norwegian food composition tables with full language translations.

In partnership with doctoral research fellow Marie Wasmuth Lundblad, myfood24’s usability and comprehension will first be assessed among 60 male and female participants aged 60 to 74 years old, collecting one batch of data.

Following the results, it’s intended that myfood24 will be used in a RCT involving n=100 participants, focusing on the same target group. Using active and controls, with additional passive controls from a previous longitudinal population-based Tromsø study, the participants will undergo an 18-month intervention and a further 18-month follow-up.

About the researchers

Dr Laila Hopstock is a specialist care nurse and researcher in Norway, specialising in cardiometabolic health. Laila has published over 100 publications supporting her research interests into obesity, cardiovascular disease and examining risk factors and prevention of cardiometabolic health.

Marie Wasmuth Lundblad is a doctoral research fellow at The Arctic University, with research interests ranging between overweight and obesity, body composition, cardiometabolic disease and diet.

myfood24: research

myfood24 was developed using robust and evidence-based methodologies by a team of academic experts to ensure our system stands up to the academic rigour demanded by dietary assessment research. myfood24’s research solution has been designed with speed and ease in mind to generate trusted results without compromising accuracy.

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myfood24 has a unique suite of international tools to support nutrition research worldwide, each version tailored with localised datasets and full translations.

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