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Save Time and Effort with Efficient Nutritional Analysis Software

Say goodbye to inefficient paper diaries and hello to digital patient-completed ones

Connecting an intuitive patient-facing mobile app with a secure web-portal tailored to your needs, myfood24 is dedicated to help you manage all your patients’ dietary needs in one place.

Designed for healthcare and nutrition professionals, myfood24 utilises the latest scientific and evidence-based approaches – including biomarker validation.

How myfood24 Works

  • Invite your patients to use myfood24 using your web-portal.
  • Your patient downloads the myfood24 mobile app and starts to log their diet.
  • The nutritional composition of each diary is calculated instantly.
  • Feedback graphs and charts show a breakdown of nutrient intake and progress against targets.
  • The nutritional output is shared with both you and your patient.

Why Choose myfood24?

myfood24 is a dietary management platform and professional nutrition analysis software, designed for use by dietitians and nutritional professionals. Features include: 

  • Patient-completed diaries
  • Nutritional composition analysed instantly
  • Set patients personalised nutrient goals
  • Nutrient feedback shared with you and your patients
  • Easy-to-understand and engaging graphs
  • Unique and accurate food and nutrient database
  • Validated against independent nutrient biomarkers

Our nutrition software for professionals is already being used by leading research and health organisations around the world for a range of health conditions.

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Patient-Completed Diaries

Patients use the myfood24 app to complete their food diary and get instant results. Our food diary has been designed to make self-completion fast and simple for patients, without compromising on accuracy. 

Automate Your Approach

The nutrition tracking software seamlessly calculates the nutritional composition of diaries and tracks your patients’ dietary intake against reference values, so you don’t have to.

Complete and Remote Visibility

Results are shared instantly with you, prior to appointments, allowing you to remotely monitor your patients and save time in consultation, so you can focus on the things that really matter.

Bringing You and Your Patients Together

myfood24 can facilitate conversations with your patients about the importance of diet and nutrition in an engaging way through our series of informative graphs and charts.

In addition, dietary self-monitoring and feedback can help patients to understand the nutritional value of foods, encouraging them to make better choices to improve their health.

myfood24 can help you manage all your patients in a range of disease areas where diet and nutritional monitoring is required – including diabetes, gastroenterology, malnutrition, obesity, oncology and renal.

Create tailored meal plans to help patients meet their nutrient targets. Plans can be assigned to groups of patients or at the individual level to provide fast and personalised dietary care. 

Complete Nutrition all in One Place

Dietary management software, designed to support dietitians managing patients with a wide range of health conditions with one system. Set personalised nutrient targets, create individual meal plans, monitor progress against goals over time and help spot dietary trends and habits for all of your patients.

Give Patients the Tools They Need to Succeed

Informative and engaging feedback graphs can help patients better understand the links between food and nutrients, improving their health and nutrition literacy, giving them the knowledge they need to make better and informed dietary choices.

Get Results Before Appointments

Complete and remote visibility of your patients’ diet prior to appointments helps you make informed and timely interventions to support patient needs. Access results anytime, anywhere using our professional nutrition software.

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Trusted by Academics Worldwide.

Backed by Science.

Our Academic Heritage

Originally created at the University of Leeds by Professor Janet Cade, myfood24 utilises the latest scientific evidence and robust methodologies to provide world-leading academics and healthcare professionals with high-quality and efficient nutritional assessments. 

myfood24 has been validated against independent nutrient biomarkers and has shown to be comparable with the more time-consuming and costly interview-led recalls.

A Truly Unique Nutrient Database

myfood24 is underpinned by a robust food composition database like no other. It has been created, enhanced and quality-checked by our team of nutrition experts to provide a more complete nutrient profile for over 100 nutrients, vitamins and minerals.