Research challenges

Research challenges

Dietary assessment can be a time consuming and costly activity. Traditionally, these are conducted using paper based methods (such as written food diaries or telephone administered 24 hour recalls) and a trained nutritionist is then required to ‘code’ the records into nutrient analysis software. Not only is this process administration-intensive for both researcher and participant, the results can be subject to variation in interpretation as well as prone to recording errors.

Furthermore, for both traditional and online dietary assessment, researchers need to be confident that their results will stand up to academic scrutiny, in particular that the food and nutrition data is accurate and has been correctly mapped. Inaccuracies in this source data could invalidate the research.



myfood24 is different. myfood24 is an online food recall and diary solution that has been specifically developed to support academic research into dietary intake.

The myfood24 food composition dataset is unique. It has been created by mapping ~ 50,000 commercial ‘back of pack’ food label nutrient data from branded Items to generic data from the McCance and Widdowson's ‘The Composition of Foods’ tables, providing over 100 macronutrient and micronutrient attributes.

This integrated dataset is accessed via an easy to use online application. Participants are able to record their dietary intake by selecting foods and portion sizes and adding them to their food diary. Researchers can manage participants, track activity and use the results generated through myfood24 to provide a full range of food and nutrient outputs needed for their research projects.

Key benefits

  • myfood24 is easy and quick to use for participants and does not require training thereby helping to maximise full participation throughout the research project.
  • myfood24 can be used to recall or prospectively record diet. It can be self- or interviewer-completed. This flexibility helps to cater for a wide range of research project types, study participants and clinical needs.
  • myfood24 has been developed by academics and validated using biomarkers therefore researchers can be confident that the source food and nutrient data is accurate.
  • myfood24 provides ‘real time’ feedback on food and nutrient intake which considerably reduces administration time for researchers.
  • myfood24 eliminates the need for costly and time consuming coding.
  • myfood24 has wide applicability for research, education and clinically.