myfood24 Peru joins our international suite of tailored tools!

We’re pleased to reveal the launch of our Peruvian version of myfood24, adding to our expanding collection of internationally tailored tools for research.

In partnership with Cayetano Heredia University (CHU), Lima, Peru, the team at Dietary Assessment Ltd has been working hard to develop a unique online and mobile-optimised dietary assessment tool tailored to Peru.

myfood24, nutritional analysis software for use in Peru and nutrition research worldwide

Initially developed for use by researchers at CHU in a project to investigate the diet of the Indigenous population in the Peruvian Amazon, the newest development is built to combat the lack of tools available to conduct accurate nutritional analysis in Peru and surrounding areas.

myfood24’s Peruvian solution aims to improve the integrity of nutritional analysis for researchers to effectively measure diet and nutritional intake of the Peruvian population and the 51 Indigenous communities that belong to the region.

Dietary Assessment has worked closely with CHU to ensure the database truly represents commonly consumed foods available to a wide range of groups.

The dataset comprises Peruvian and Shawi indigenous foods, containing over 1,030 generic and branded items.

Using evidence-based methodologies, each item has been meticulously mapped to ensure an accurate nutritional composition of local foods accounting for several micro and macronutrient variables, including vitamins and minerals.

With a complete Spanish translation of the system, the result is a unique nutritional analysis tool suitable for research.

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myfood24 aims to provide more efficient ways to analyse diet and nutrition without compromising on accuracy

The tool initially created at the University of Leeds by Prof Janet Cade is backed by academic rigour and validated against a suite of independent nutrient biomarkers

Alongside the most recent Middle Eastern development of myfood24, our software has been adapted for use in multiple academic and healthcare settings.

myfood24 has been used to standardise dietary assessment in Germany and used as part of numerous studies, supporting Danish research into cancer, analysing nutritional intake in the Norwegian population and improving dietary habits in women with gestational diabetes in the UK.

myfood24 Peru joins our growing suite of internationally tailored tools, aiming to enhance nutritional assessments on a global scale.

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We now offer myfood24 for use in:

  • Australia
  • Caribbean
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Norway
  • Middle East
  • Peru
  • Uganda
  • UK

We provide free demos for each international version, which you can try out here!

If you’re interested in collaborating with us, our team is always on hand to discuss the developments of new country-specific databases to support dietary and nutritional research. Get in touch.

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