myfood24 research is now available offline!

We’re happy to announce that we have launched our first offline version of myfood24, making myfood24 now easier to access than ever!

The research version of our digital nutritional analysis platform has been tailored for offline use: meaning having internet connection is no longer required to collect dietary data. The offline research app is available for Android users and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.


Our offline version has been tailored to support researchers in the field, particularly remote areas that may not have access to a reliable internet connection. myfood24 food diaries and recalls can now be completed offline and simply sync with your research project once you are reconnected to the internet.

Committed to our mission of making accurate and robust dietary assessment accessible to all researchers, several of our myfood24 food and nutrient databases are now available to use with the offline app*. These include:

*Please note the offline version is only available in Spanish (Peruvian database) or English

Without the need for internet connection, researchers and participants can access all the great features of myfood24 including:

  • Access to certain myfood24 food and nutrient databases
  • Portion images to support accurate estimation of portion sizes consumed
  • Recipe builder to create and save recipes
  • For researchers: the ability to view a breakdown of nutritional information for all participants

Why is this important?

Despite living in a digitally enabled world, there are still many people and regions across the world that do not have access to a reliable internet connection, excluding them from online solutions including digital dietary assessments.

Easier access to robust methods of dietary assessment can support and enhance research into dietary patterns and can aid in creating accurate public health policies that may reduce the prevalence of diet-related diseases. This is especially important in under-developed or low-income countries, where unreliable internet connection poses a great limitation to nutritional research. Read more about how myfood24 can help enhance nutrition research.

The offline version of myfood24 enables researchers to conduct accurate digital dietary assessments in the remotest parts of the world, which previously would not have been possible without a reliable internet connection. It is hoped that by doing this we can improve the quality of nutrition-related research internationally and make digital dietary assessment accessible to all.

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