New myfood24 website launches

We’re very excited to share with you our new look website!

Our newly updated website now has more myfood24 related content than ever, we hope you like it! Read on to see what’s changed.

What’s different?

We’ve taken your feedback to improve your experience of the myfood24 website and made changes to the following:

  • Login page: you can now access all myfood24 logins by clicking on the ‘Login’ button, then choose the option most appropriate for you: Researchers, Lecturers, Students
  • Demo page: before signing up to try the demo, you’ll need to select which language version you wish to demo
  • Our content: the content on all of our pages has been tweaked to give you as much of the information you need as possible
What’s new?

We have several new pages including:

What’s the same?

The myfood24 system is still the same, there have been no changes to the food diary, feedback or administration side of the system. The only changes have been made to the website accessed using, from here you will still be able to log in to the myfood24 system. A shortcut to logging in to myfood24 can be reached using:

You can access all of our pages using the links below:


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