US version of myfood24 now available!

It’s with great excitement that we can announce a new version of our nutrition analysis software, myfood24, tailored for research and education in the United States of America. The latest addition joins our suite of international dietary assessment tools, making myfood24 now available for use in 11 different countries and regions!

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Tailored for analysing dietary intakes in the USA, the underlying food and nutrient database – created using the USDA food composition tables* – contains over 14,000 food and drink items typically consumed in the region. Including those found in supermarkets, fast food outlets and restaurants, in addition to more native and culturally diverse foods such as moose and elk.

Users of the food diary have portion size options available that are appropriate and typical for the United States, alongside portion images to help improve accuracy of reporting.

Once food diaries have been completed, myfood24 instantly analyses the nutritional composition of each food diary and the items within it to produce information on 220 nutrients! The US nutrient output includes comprehensive data on vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, phytosterols and minerals to provide a thorough review of dietary intake and nutrient profiles within the population.

Like all of our nutrition platforms, myfood24 US has been created by a team of nutrition experts using robust, tried and tested methodologies and has been meticulously quality-checked to ensure accuracy.

Key features of myfood24 US:

  • 14,000 food and drink items
  • Nutrition composition data for 220 nutrients
  • Appropriate portion size options including images
  • Created using robust and quality-checked methodologies
  • Developed by a team of nutritionists
  • Fast and accurate dietary analysis
  • Includes INFOODS food component tagnames

myfood24 can enable researchers to conduct accurate diet and nutritional assessments quickly and easily, at scale. Our education platform can also support student education and practical skills development. Both systems can be used with the USA database.

If you’d like to find out more about myfood24 US get in touch or try a free demo of the food diary.

*The myfood24 US food and nutrient database has been created using data from the USDA composition database, specifically the following databases were used: Foundation Foods, National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Legacy Release (SR Legacy), Food and Nutrient Database for Dietary Studies 2017-2018 (FNDDS 2017-2018) and Experimental Foods.

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