A Mini-Guide: which myfood24 solution should I use?

Whether you need to track a patient’s eating habits, expand a student’s mind about core nutrition principles or pioneer the next discovery in dietary health, myfood24 has been tailored for research, education, and healthcare settings to get you the best results.

But with three different versions for three different industries, you may be thinking:

What are the differences? Which solution will work best for me?

In this mini-guide, you can uncover all the individual features, tweaks, and benefits that make each myfood24 solution.

Shared benefits, but with some individual tweaks

Each version of myfood24 is modified to make diet tracking and nutritional analysis quick and easy for researchers, teaching professionals, students, and healthcare professionals to use.

Though our three variations have their differences, each software contains the same core technologies that make myfood24 an effective dietary assessment tool.

  1. Extensive datasets: each version contains broad-based and meticulously mapped databases that can instantly calculate 100s of different micro-and macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals in over 60,000 food and drink items, ranging from generic to branded products.
  2. Online food diary: our online diary is self-completed by the participants, students, and patients, accessed from whatever device they choose.

Now we’ve covered the shared tech, let’s dig a bit deeper into each version.

Our Research myfood24 is excellent for the world of academia, aimed as a tool for academics and postgraduate researchers to use as part of research projects and studies.

How does it work?

The researcher sets up a project, and participants are invited via a link to submit an online diary with a 24hr recall. The researcher can manage the participants, track their activity, and access an automatically generated spreadsheet of their cohort’s food and nutrient intake, broken down item by item.

What are the key features?

The system makes data collection from various group sizes as trouble-free and accurate as possible. (See how myfood24 performed better than interview-led recalls.)

Projects are highly flexible to meet the specific needs of the researcher and contains a range of features, like:

  • Asking additional questions to participants for more accurate submissions
  • Create an unlimited number of diary submissions for participants to fill out
  • Diaries are analysed instantly using a validated food composition database
  • Choosing whether participants can see their nutrient information against reference values, including energy, calories, protein, fat (of which saturates), carbohydrates (of which sugars), fibre, and salt
  • Country-specific food and nutrient databases, including Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, and the UK
  • Settings are configurable to suit the nature of the study
  • Default settings to manage multiple projects at once, saving time and hassle

Visit our Research page to find out more.

myfood24 has been created as a teaching solution so teaching professionals can enhance their students learning experiences and encourage further understanding of nutritional composition, health, and nutrition principles.

How does it work?

The teacher creates a unique project code, and a link to access the online diary is sent out to the entire class. Each student can then fill out their diary, and after their submission, myfood24 analyses their food and nutrient intake and formulates data. Teachers have access to all this data to use in practical sessions or class discussions.

What are the key features?

Speed and ease are at the forefront of this system, making it straightforward for both students and teachers to use. (See what our case studies say.)

The beneficial features include:

  • Multiple online diary submissions
  • Teachers have access to class data which is downloadable in a variety of formats
  • Class results can be analysed together in real-time
  • Students can view engaging graphical feedback charts detailing their nutritional intake
  • Conveying key nutrition principles on how well diets match to RNIs, the impact of portion size  on nutritional intake, and trends between dietary patterns
  • Students can use myfood24 for their assessments or class projects
  • Configurable settings which can be defaulted for all future projects for speed and ease

Learn more about myfood24 Teaching.

myfood24 - Healthcare

This exclusive Healthcare development of myfood24 is best-suited for healthcare professionals to monitor their patients’ health better and minimise the risk of diet-related diseases or other complications linked to poor nutrition.

How does it work?

The healthcare specialist sets up nutrition goals with personalised reference values and invites a patient to use myfood24. The patient can then self-complete diaries to record their diet day by day, which they will share with their healthcare professional before appointments. Practitioners can view their patient’s intake data to monitor and manage their health more closely.

What are the key features?

This system benefits both the patient and practitioner, working together to improve their understanding of a patient’s nutritional intake and applying the all-important changes to improve their health.

This version incorporates a range of features:

  • Setting patients their nutrition targets and goals to support their needs
  • Tracking targets in real-time by you and your patient
  • Detailed output of food and nutrients
  • Healthcare professionals can view data to tailor support and management plans
  • Insightful and engaging reports to gain a deeper understanding of your patient’s dietary habits
  • Graphically presented nutritional data for easy-to-understand feedback to patients
  • Patients can see their dietary and nutritional intake to see what they’re consuming

For more information, visit the myfood24 Healthcare page.

So, we hope after reading this mini-guide, we’ve broadened your understanding of our customized versions and made finding a solution to your needs much more straightforward.

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myfood24 has been tried and tested by a team of experts, with gold-standard validation by academics against numerous biomarkers.

With ongoing developments to create the best tools, we’re constantly making sure our software is up-to-date and running smoothly by our dedicated team of specialists.

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